Cyanoacrylate Adhesive

Palm Labs Adhesives is a successful, fast growing business that has become a leader in the manufacturing, sales, and distribution of Cyanoacrylate, Anaerobic, and Structural Adhesives products, as well as Sealants and Anti-Seize products.

Turbo-Fuse Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Our Turbo Fuse Cyanoacrylate Glue is a high performance, one part instant bonding glue that has been engineered in a variety of formulas to meet the most demanding applications and comes in variety of viscosities. It has an advanced formula designed to polymerize instantly by absorbing surface moisture. Our cyanoacrylate adhesive products include the following:

  • General Purpose Adhesive
  • Surface Insensitive Adhesive
  • Plastic to Rubber Adhesive
  • Methyl For Metals Adhesive
  • Black Rubber Toughened Adhesive
  • Clear Flexible Toughened Adhesive
  • Low Odor/Low Bloom Adhesive/li>
  • Medical Devices Adhesive
  • High Temperature Adhesive
  • Fluorescent Adhesive

Our companion products include primers, accelerators, and debonders. We also offer structural adhesives, silicone adhesives, gasket makers, thread sealants, and anti-seize products.

Turbo-Lock ThreadLockers

In 2006, all our energies went into the development of Thread Lockers. Quality was our top priority. after months of testing all the various strengths, under all conditions, the team was satisfied; it was a go. The most up to date machinery was brought in. Our manufacturing staff along with our development group put it all together. We decided it would be a big advantage for our customers if we identified the products by color coding the bottles; and then we designed the pricing to give our customers the best prices.

  • Removable Threadlocker
  • Permanent Threadlocker
  • Oil Resistant Threadlocker
  • High Temperature Threadlocker
  • Wicking Grade Threadlocker
  • Primer/Activator For Threadlocker

Turbo-Lock ThreadLockers are used in a wide variety of industries and have thousands of applications. For example, in the auto industry, they are used throughout the vehicle during assembly, from fuel components to engines, headlamps and body works. The applications for our threadlockers are endless. Bolt or screw any two metal parts together with thread lockers – they're secure with Palm Labs Adhesives Turbo-Lock ThreadLockers!

Cyanoacrylate Adhesive and Threadlocker Products